We are complex trauma treatment service, offering counselling and psychoanalytic psychotherapy to individuals, adults and children, who suffer from childhood trauma, complex trauma, post-traumatic stress, workplace injury and single incident trauma, such as Victims of Crime.

We offer assessment appointments to determine your treatment needs, symptoms, prognosis, necessary referrals, as well as long term psychotherapy. Newtown and Summer hill locations are available for face-to-face appointments and telehealth is available via Skype and phone consultations. No Medicare rebates or Mental health plans are accepted, but session fees may be reduced or bulk billed if you are eligible for one of the following:

Victims Services counselling

WorkCover insurance


Employment Assistance Programs via your workplace

Private health funds: AHM, Medibank, BUPA, Police health, Emergency services health.

If you have further questions regarding the service or wish to book an appointment, ask here or browse FAQs and Appointments page for more information.

“My memories were confusing and my past was too painful to talk about. I did not know there could be a way to become strong again, until I considered therapy. Kate helped me to make sense of what I was going through, and supported me in believing in myself again.”

(Jenny, Sydney, 34)

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