Kate is an existential psychotherapist specializing in complex trauma counselling. She helps individual adults and adolescents in Sydney to heal and minimize the impact of childhood trauma, single incident trauma or workplace injury or accident. Drawing on her extensive experience of working with torture and trauma survivors, she provides focused support and solid tools for people suffering from symptoms of Post-Traumatic stress and other maladaptive consequences of trauma.

She is available in Newtown or Summer hill clinics for face-to-face counselling or via Skype for online consultations. She is approved provider for NDIS, WorkCover, BUPA Private Health fund and Medibank Private Health fund. She is also a registered provider for eligible Employment Assistance Programs (EAP).

Please feel free to ask Kate if you have any questions about psychotherapy for trauma survivors.

“My memories were confusing and my past was too painful to talk about. I did not know there could be a way to become strong again, until I considered therapy. Kate helped me to make sense of what I was going through, and supported me in believing in myself again.”

(Jenny, Sydney, 34)

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