“Trust Issues” In Trauma Survivors

Clients from all walks of life sooner or later in our sessions raise the issue of trust. They commonly say phrases like "I don't trust anyone" or "I trust people too much or too quickly" or generally make comments like "I have trust issues". Issues with trusting others are one of the most common and … Continue reading “Trust Issues” In Trauma Survivors

Emotional Scars: The Legacy Of Adverse Childhood Experiences

All children are born very needy and dependent. They simply cannot survive without a responsible adult providing the necessary care. Besides basic needs for food, shelter, clothing and safety, there are emotional needs for attention, validation, support and company. Those lucky babies born into families that expect them and are prepared to look after them … Continue reading Emotional Scars: The Legacy Of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Narcissists In Therapy

I don’t like the word narcissist. It’s a blunt and primitive description of a complex cluster of behaviors and feelings. However, rather than complicating this post with a mouthful of more descriptive terminology (such as “people with narcissistic personality traits”) I will rather settle for one word, and stick to it. So here comes a … Continue reading Narcissists In Therapy