Narcissists In Therapy

I don’t like the word narcissist. It’s a blunt and primitive description of a complex cluster of behaviors and feelings. However, rather than complicating this post with a mouthful of more descriptive terminology (such as “people with narcissistic personality traits”) I will rather settle for one word, and stick to it. So here comes a … Continue reading Narcissists In Therapy

High Price We Pay For Low Self-esteem

Would you agree that low self-esteem underpins many mental health issues today? When I hear about the rising cases of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar disorders in the modern world, I wonder how many people suffer form those because they don’t like themselves very much. In my practice I’ve assessed hundreds of clients who tell … Continue reading High Price We Pay For Low Self-esteem

3 Questions To Ask Your Insecure Self

Next time you think you are being too demanding, too jealous or too “needy” in your relationship, think again. Are any of your feelings and behaviors happening as a result of your partner's actions? Perhaps you notice telling yourself over and over again that your relationship is secure, that your partner loves you, that you … Continue reading 3 Questions To Ask Your Insecure Self