We Are Open: Access To Therapy In Current Restrictions

While most of counselling appointments are currently held via telehealth, limited number of face-to-face appointments are available if:

  • your mental health is likely to deteriorate if you do not access care as soon as possible
  • if you are experiencing domestic violence, or at risk of harm in your home environment
  • if you do not have access to a private and confidential space for therapy sessions, hence telehealth appointments are not an option for you

Please reach out to book a face-to-face session and I will be able to assist.

From September 2021 all face-to-face appointments will be available for individuals who are fully vaccinated. This does not apply to children under the age of 16, so please discuss appointment booking for children on an individual basis.

COVID safe plan at Therapies Summer hill:

  • scan QR code at the entry
  • wear mask at reception and in the waiting room (you may remove your mask in the consulting room during your session)
  • wait outside of the clinic if there are people present in the waiting area (no more than 2 people allowed at reception)
  • use hand sanitiser available at reception and in consulting rooms
  • do not come in for your appointment if you experience any symptoms of COVID. You can attend via telehealth at a short notice instead

Most importantly, do not suffer in silence. In these uncertain times reaching for some mental health support is the kindest self-caring thing you can do! Look after yourself and stay safe, stay sane!

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