Psychotherapy During Pandemic


Existential therapy is open for Skype/phone and online consultations and limited face-to-face spots are available at Therapies Summer hill clinic.

Couple and family therapy service is not available as it is desirable that only one client is present in a session.

Social distancing and cleaning/sanitizing practices are strictly observed in face-to-face consultations and rooms are cleaned and aired between the sessions. Hand sanitizer and single use cups of water provided.

It is encouraged to reach out for mental health support and continue with your treatment in these difficult times as social isolation and sense of uncertainty are poor predictors of mental health.

If you have any further questions and require immediate help please do not hesitate to call me or message me for more information. I may be able to suggest a referral to an appropriate practitioner should I be unable to offer you treatment with me.

If you do have a scheduled face-to-face appointment and start experiencing flu/cold like symptoms prior to your appointment, please seek Skype/phone/FaceTime option on the day.

I thank you all for your cooperation and support in keeping Existential practice open!

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